About Me


who i am

I am an educator, mentor, global citizen, practitioner, and scholar. Dedicated to the idea that higher education should not only be preparation for life, but for a life lived in the service of a better future, I believe in innovating higher education through the incorporation of global perspectives, knowledge, and competencies. As such, my research interests are informed by both my political background and my international experiences living, working, and studying abroad. My current work focuses on transcending traditional disciplinary boundaries to better understand the intersections of politics, peace, and education globally. Ultimately, I am committed to advancing knowledge of public diplomacy, civic education, and international education, and advocating for education that prepares students with the awareness, skills, and emotional intelligence to thrive (and improve) our ever-globalizing world.

As a Central Coast native, when I am not working, you’re most likely to find me on the beach with my wife and dog.