Teaching Expertise


As an educator, I center my pedagogy around experiential, community-based, and civic learning, in order to foster a student-centered learning environment that emphasizes reflection and action, rather than memorization. I have demonstrated this commitment while designing and teaching both traditional and nontraditional courses, such as service-learning, internship, and international and community engagement courses. Yet, regardless of the class, I am always intentional in incorporating concepts of positionally and intersectionality, media production and critical media literacy, and civic action in an effort to empower the next generation of globally-minded citizens.

Globalization and Global Studies

A global citizen and scholar, my professional identity is defined by a global perspective. As such, it is my core belief that effective education requires the removing of traditional academic boundaries in order to appreciate the growing interconnectedness of the world.

Examples of courses that I can teach include: Approaches to Globalization, Globalization and Citizenship, Mixed Methods in Global Studies, and Global Social Change.


International Affairs and Development

With internationally-focused degrees in Political Science and Education, I have extensive background in international diplomacy, cross-cultural engagement, and international affairs, specifically focusing on development, soft power, and public diplomacy.

Examples of courses that I can teach include: Soft Power and International Diplomacy, International Relations, Theories of Global Engagement, and Approaches to International Development.


International and Comparative education

In addition to being a former Fulbright scholar and study abroad alumnus, I have conducted original research and presented at conferences on such topics as intercultural learning, domestic-international student interactions, and the diplomatic expectations of international students.

Examples of courses that I can teach include: Comparative/International Education, International Development Education, Internationalization of Higher Education, Global Citizenship, and Education in Foreign Policy.


Middle Eastern STudies

Studying Arabic during college inspired a passion and appreciation for the diverse histories, politics, and cultures of the Middle East, which has led me to study and write widely on the region. I've published numerous opinion & news pieces, conducted meetings with MENA political officials and ambassadors, and have researched on foreign policy, higher education, international development, and diplomacy in the region.

Examples of courses that I can teach include: MENA-US Relations, US Foreign Policy in the Middle East, Narratives of the Middle East, and Turkish Political Development.


Intercultural and political communication

As a trained facilitator and scholar of intercultural dialogue and interaction, I am interested in understanding how communication facilitates understanding, in both domestic and international settings. With new technologies changing tradition forms of interaction, studying communication in a global context is of increasing importance.

Examples of courses that I can teach include: Critical Media Literacy, Intercultural Communication, Political Communication, and Media & Social Change.