Courses Taught


Global Studies Research Design

Instructor International Institute Fall 2018

Discussion of research methods regarding various approaches to analysis and evaluation of globalization and current literature in field in preparation for senior thesis.

Internships in International and area studies

Graduate Student Coordinator (Sole Instructor) Center for Community Learning/International Institute Spring 2017, 2018; Summer 2017, 2018

Internship in corporate, governmental, or nonprofit setting coordinated through Center for Community Learning. Students complete weekly written assignments, attend biweekly meetings with graduate student coordinator, and write final research paper. Faculty sponsor and graduate student coordinator construct series of reading assignments that examine issues related to internship site. 

Political communication

Teaching Assistant Department of Communication Winter 2016; Winter 2017; Spring 2017

Study of nature and function of communication in political sphere; analysis of contemporary and historical communications within established political institutions; state papers; deliberative discourses; electoral campaigns.

Communication Theory

Teaching Assistant Department of Communication Winter 2018

Examination of fundamental principles of human communication. Topics include models of communication, levels of analysis in the behavioral sciences, cultural evolution, new media and big data, political communication, and the nature of art.