Government Grants and Awards

2018-2019       Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship

  • Funding for advanced Turkish language study and specialized area studies on the region of the Middle East, including Turkey

2016-2017       GAANN Fellowship in Middle East and North Africa Studies

  • Funding for research on international and civic education among Middle Eastern students studying in both the US and Turkey. Included specialized pedagogical training to teach Middle Eastern-focused courses. Supported by this funding, developed an original course/syllabus entitled: “Positionality, Power, and (Re)Production: Narratives and Knowledge of the Middle East”

2012-2013       Fulbright Fellowship – English Teaching Assistant (Turkey)

  • Placed at Kirikkale, University in central Turkey to teach English and American Culture to university students.

University Scholarships and Fellowships (Competitive)

2019-2020       Dissertation Year Fellowship, UCLA

2018-2019       Dean’s Student Support Initiative, UCLA

2018 Summer Sessions TA Fellowship,UCLA

2018                University Merit Fellowship, UCLA

2017                University Merit Fellowship, UCLA

2016                Graduate Summer Research Mentorship, UCLA

2015-2016       Division Merit Scholarship, UCLA

2011-2012       Graduate Merit Scholarship, Brandeis University

Outside Funding

2018                New Scholars Travel Grant, Comparative International Education Society

2007-2011       Rotary International Renewable Scholarship, Rotary International